Dear LIB readers; my dad told me to limit the way I spend on my wife

From a male LIB reader

I went to visit my dad recently and what he told me shocked me. He told me that I should limit the way I spend money on my wife simply because each time she visits him or goes out with our less than two years old baby, she goes with a taxi. And my dad thinks it should not be happening, that she should be taking public bus and that it’s unnecessary luxury. As in WTF!? How can he even say that? I quickly cut him that yes my wife can take a bus but not when she’s with our child and if I can afford it, why not? So what will now happen if I buy her a car? Seriously this is just selfish.
But then he was trying to make me feel it was a wise fatherly advise. I don’t know if this is a common thing but I was really disappointed. God forbid me to even mention this to my wife. Parents should stay clear from their married children’s business.