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Let’s zoom into Kendall further …:-) (photos)

Kardashian fans are saying Kendall is a little jealous of all the attention Kylie is getting and stepped out in this outfit to get some attention. Hopefully by this time next year…the boob size will still be the same..:-)

Photo: Timaya welcomes second child with his babymama

Singer Timaya and his babymama, Barbara have welcomed their second child together, a girl. The proud father announced her birth on his instagram page. Congrats to them

This story is so bizarre and I really don’t know how authentic it is. Someone sent it to me. According to the story, a Republic of Benin soldier named Corporal Chabi Séni stripped five girls naked and tied them to a tree after accusing them of stealing from their madam who owns a bar and who is his wife. The soldier decided their punishment would be to parade them naked and have someone take photos of the girls while the bar manager is seen kneeling in the background. I had to crop the girl’s naked bodies out of the pics but I will include his face. Is there any way this man can get arrested for this?

That is the soldier with the manager kneeling. As you can see, he’s looking at the naked girls. What a hopeless man..

Nelson Jombo’s movie ‘Miss Taken’ generates mixed feelings

Miss Taken, a new movie produced by Nelson Jombo; a filmmaker whose career began working with Uche Jombo Studios as a co-producer has generated a flurry of mixed feelings from viewers as it rides high on love, betrayal, laughter, tears, deceit and pulsating suspense.

“Miss Taken” tells the tale of an Inspector General charged with corruption and financial misconduct by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Nelson Jombo has numerous titles to his credit and has been a delegate representing the film industry on several tours, seminars, events and workshops hosted by distinct African leaders.

His attention to details has seen him rise through the ranks to become a vibrant force to reckon with in the industry as he continues to expand and launch into new frontiers.

His diversity in production has contributed to the unique style of his movies.

His recent successful movie, ‘Luke of Lies’ proves his assortment in production, as the movie starred Luke (Alex Ekubo), Susan (Daniella Okeke), Obom (Eddie Watson) and Shola (Belinda Effah) and focused particularly on Obom and his long-term online dating scam. The movie eventually became one of the best-selling movies in March 2015; the month of its release.

Drawing from both traditional and contemporary sources, Nelson’s productions are more realistic than imaginative, which is what most producers today disregard.

The titles of his movies are comical yet compelling; some of which, include ‘Stolen Lives,’ ‘House Girl Lover,’ ‘My Rich Boyfriend’ among others.

Trailer below…

Kylie Jenner agrees with the rest of us…she grew up too fast!

The teen reality star posted this on her instagram and wrote “Dammit, Kylie!”. When you really think about it, she’s done it all at 17. Rapper boyfriend, plastic surgery, putting boobs and butt on display, already a successful business woman, has a mansion in Beverly Hills…the only thing that remains is probably a sex tape! :-)