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Dear LIB readers; my dad told me to limit the way I spend on my wife

From a male LIB reader

I went to visit my dad recently and what he told me shocked me. He told me that I should limit the way I spend money on my wife simply because each time she visits him or goes out with our less than two years old baby, she goes with a taxi. And my dad thinks it should not be happening, that she should be taking public bus and that it’s unnecessary luxury. As in WTF!? How can he even say that? I quickly cut him that yes my wife can take a bus but not when she’s with our child and if I can afford it, why not? So what will now happen if I buy her a car? Seriously this is just selfish.
But then he was trying to make me feel it was a wise fatherly advise. I don’t know if this is a common thing but I was really disappointed. God forbid me to even mention this to my wife. Parents should stay clear from their married children’s business.

MAMA2015:…and the best dressed male goes to…?

Iyanya, Noble Igwe, Diamond Planumz, Patoranking, D’banj, Emmanuel Ikubese, at the MAMAs. Who is the best dressed male? See more photos after the cut…

D’banj & Bonang Matheba make it official. Share kiss, walk the red carpet together (photos)

After months of claiming that they are just friends, D’banj and SA TV personality Bonang Matheba let the world know they are together by kissing as D’banj stood up to go receive his MAMA 2015 Evolution award. The couple also came hand-in-hand to the event. See the photos after the cut…

Father charged with abandoning 3-year-old daughter at a restaurant

A man was arrested last Sunday morning after leaving his 3-year-old daughter at a Subway restaurant in Harlem on Saturday July 11th, police said.

34 year old Stanley Fredrique, of Elmont, Long Island, has been charged with abandonment of a child, reckless endangerment and act in a manner injurious to a child.

The man and the toddler entered the restaurant around 11:30 p.m. The father bought the child a sandwich and then left, police said.
Police said the girl could tell them her name, Natalie, but not much else.

The man was being held at the 26th Precinct station house. As the father was being taken into custody, he protested his arrest.

“You guys not in my shoes, you guys don’t have no idea what’s going on,” Fredrique cried out.
Surviellance video shows Fredrique and his daughter happily walking toward the Subway shop where he bought the child a sandwich and left her there.

Rahman Mohammed, who was working at a fruit stand outside said he believes the father was drunk.
He said:

“The 3 year old said to her Dad ‘Daddy Daddy Daddy’ and the guy came back and talked to the girl, ‘little baby, oh go sit down, I’m come back,’” Mohammed said. “And that’s it, he left, ya, he left and didn’t come back again.”

A good Samaritan at the restaurant then took her to a police station.

Fredrique was apparently intoxicated when he left the child at the restaurant, sources told Langford.
He told police he forgot her, and when he realized she was missing, he tried to report her missing to police, the sources said.

“We tried to ask her her last name, she couldn’t come up with her last name,” Detective Vincent Signoretti told Stern. “And before the good Samaritan walked her over to the local precinct, they tried walking around the neighborhood, and she couldn’t figure out where she lived either.”

Natalie, who was wearing a green dress with white polka dots and blue pants, was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital, for evaluation, but has no injuries.

The girl has since been released into the custody of her mother. The mother refused to give a comment to reporters.

Source: CBS2

Dear LIB readers: I think my girlfriend is sleeping with my best friend

From a male LIB reader

I can’t believe am about to tell you this. You see, I’m the type of person who doesn’t believe people should make their private lives public but keeping this to myself is eating me up that’s why am sending you this so maybe I could get some advice. I’ll go straight to the point. Some weeks back I went to my girlfriends apartment like I normally do. We made out after which she went to take a shower while I was still in bed..she then asked me to get her something from her wardrobe. When I opened the wardrobe looking for what she asked me to get her I came across an Armani case with an Emporio Armani watch (gold plated with black design) inside.
Looked quite expensive. Now at this point I was excited cus I believed it was definitely a gift for me, but it wasn’t my birthday and vals was way past, so what was the reason for the gift?.. I decide not to ask her cus I felt she wanted to surprise me and I didn’t want to ruin it, so I kept quiet about it, waiting for the day she’ll present the gift..

Couple a days passed and nothing, no gift from her and I felt maybe she was waiting for the right time.. What happened some days later was something I can’t put in words. My best friend called me up for drinks so I met him at our usual beer parlour. Now at first I didn’t notice but for some reason I glanced at his wrist and to my surprise he was wearing the same wrist watch I saw at my girlfriend’s place..I told myself it had to be a coincidence, maybe he bought the exact type ,i mean what other explanation can there be? That my bestfriend is wearing the exact type of wrist watch I saw at my girlfriends place? Maybe am just imagining things. I don’t know anymore that’s why am writing you this hoping maybe someone out there can help make sense out of this cus I refuse to believe that my bestfriend of many years, someone that’s practically blood is screwing my girlfriend..